North African Policy Initiative

NAPI strengthens participatory governance in North Africa by building the research, writing, and advocacy capacity of youth

About NAPI

The North African Policy Initiative is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan association based in Tunis. NAPI seeks to improve the quality of public policy in North African countries and increase the active participation of youth in their elaboration. Thus, NAPI fosters and supports the production of evidence-based research, the articulation of policy analysis and recommendations in excellent writing, their dissemination in three languages (Arabic, English, and French), and their promotion through effective public communication and advocacy.


Programs & Events

Hub and Spoke Program Panel Discussion | Beyond Covid: Avenues for Economic Development in North Africa 

NAPI and Hub and Spoke partners hosted a panel discussion focused on regional economic development in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Panelists included Hela Ben Hassine, Alec Hansen, and Hamza Mighri. Youth participants from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya...

Hub and Spoke Program Workshop | Democratic Governance and Civil Society in Theory and Practice

NAPI and Hub and Spoke partners hosted a workshop open to youth participants across Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.  The event included a joint session focused on democratic governance and civil society, followed by breakout group discussions where...

Panel Series: Education in Tunisia

Discussion 1: Wednesday, 2 February 2022 | In partnership with B7L9 Art Station in Bhar Lazreg, NAPI hosted the first in a series of panel discussions focused on education in Tunisia, with panelists Walid Hedidar and Myriam Balma. | Video links below



Build Knowledge, networking

Important part of a broader capacity-building and engagement strategy.

When done jointly across cities and countries, they help establish connections, it fosters networking

Roundtables and Panel Discussions

Critical Thinking, Discussion, and networking

As in Hub and Spoke, done across countries and cities, roundtable discussions foster dialogue, cooperation, and networking.

They can take the form of facilitated roundtable discussions among activists, or panel discussions with experts, followed by discussions between them and activists



Selected individuals deserve and require closer training, mentorship, and support to become leaders in their field.