What we do 

Training modules

Build Knowledge, networking, and exchange

As part of a broader capacity building and stakeholder engagement strategy, NAPI constantly designs and delivers holistic and participatory capacity-building trainings for youth across the region. Weather for international institutions, civil society organizations, or benificaries themselves, NAPI’s experts and young professionals asses youth needs and expectation on different policy areas and skills gap, and ensure peer-to-peer learning mode that ranges between theory and practice. The modules mostly fall into Strategic planning, governance and leadership for civil society organizations in English, French, and Arabic. 

For instance, NAPI designed and delivered the following (+14) training modules:

  • Political Parties
  • Digitial Literacy
  • Critical thinking 
  • Social Movements
  • social entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Leadership for civil society
  • NGO and project management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Youth participation in governance
  • Research design and field research
  • Civic engagement and volunteerism
  • Participatory Governance and Policy Making
  • The Use of Media to influence Policy and Society
  • How social enterprises influence policy and shape society

Training modules are an important part of a broader capacity-building and engagement strategy. When done jointly across cities and countries, they help establish connections, it fosters networking. Get in touch with NAPI, if you’re an individual/entity that are looking for training modules in the domaines above and beyond.

Roundtables and Discussion

Critical Thinking, Discussion, and Debating

NAPI’s mission is to empower young people in North Africa by fostering a culture of dialogue and collaboration. To achieve this, we regularly organize policy dialogues, roundtables and debates on different policy issues affecting youth in North Africa. We create hybrid spaces for young activists and leaders to use their critical thinking, share their perspectives, and build solutions and recommendations. For Instance, NAPI launched Chill-Chat program as series of Café-Débat to foster debating and safe space among youth.

Roundtable discussions, as in Hub and Spoke, done across countries and cities, roundtable discussions foster dialogue, cooperation, and networking.They can take the form of facilitated roundtable discussions among activists, or panel discussions with experts, followed by discussions between them and activists


    Leadership and Follow Up


    Part of NAPI’s mission is to encourage critical thinking, civic engagement and collaboration. A key aspect of its strategy, is the emphasis on developing critical thinking skills. Through its initiatives and programs, members are encouraged to hone their critical thinking and engage in meaningful dialogue on important issues of public policy and policymaking. This enables members to grasp complex issues and make informed decisions about how best to address them. In addition, NAPI equips participants with the skills needed to effectively participate in public discussions and expand their voices. NAPI believes in the importance of following up with youth’s aspirations and maintain on going learning processes. By providing members with skills, tools and resources, NAPI ensures the viability and the sustainability of its programs, and its impact on youth as a whole.


      Qualitative and quantitative

      One of NAPI’s area of focus is to produce high-quality, evidence-based policy research and analysis that can inform and influence policy decisions. NAPI’s research methodology covers cover Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region on diverse policy area issues. NAPI aims is to provide individuals, partners with rigorous research based on empirical evidence and sound analysis. Since 2020, NAPI has co-authored and produced series of reports and research papers that enables the reader to make policy decisions with the most accurate and up-to-date information available. NAPI’s aim is to help policymakers and other stakeholders make informed decisions that positively impact the lives of people in the MENA region.


        Assessments and M&E

        Assesseing Programs and CSOs

        NAPI supports youth entities, donors, UN agencies and international organizations with monitoring and evaluation methodologies to improve their program’s management, of outputs, outcomes and impact. NAPI gets inovlved with providing continuous assessments to programs and CSOs which  involves the examination of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of activities in the light of specified objectives.

        To learn more or request M&E assistance, email NAPI at: info[at]napipolicy.org

        On job training

        Internship-like work experience

        NAPI believes in the added value that youth bring to the table and provides them the space to work with seniors, youth, and different stakeholders on common visions. NAPI offers  seasonal internship-like work experience to youth in North Africa for 4 month. Paid interns who get involoved become project officers, receive trainings and autonomy, and get exposed to different networks and opportunities. NAPI also offers the space for individuals to express their interests and get contacted for their ideas and suggestions. To learn more, visit ‘Engage with NAPI’.