Chill Chat / August 2022 – Ongoing 

In collaboration with Espace Carmen, NAPI is carrying out a series of Chill-Chat which is coffee talks where everyone can speak up, exchange ideas or simply attend while listening to the debates. It is open to the public, to all people who feel concerned by the subjects with a focus on young people. Since its launch in September 2022, the series has been a  way to create a safe and welcoming environment that aims to gather and engage young people to connect and discuss multiple ideas and perspectives on a specific theme of their concern. Using a participatory approach, the coffee talks are facilitated by moderator where youth are the center of the discussion. The moderator ensures the efficiency of the discussion and encourages participants to be critical thinkers and solution oriented individuals toward the concerns being discussed. 

The goals are:

  • Change representations and break the stigma and stereotypes.
  • Evolve people in a democratic debate, by exchanging experiences and creating connections between different actors.
  • Promote tolerance, openness, and pluralism.
  • Enhance critical thought and freedom, promoting vigilance and lucidity.
  • Develop the principles of listening and mutual respect that a debate requires.
  • Promote citizenship and reduce dogmatism.

To this day, NAPI has convened Chill-Chat sessions with youth focusing on: 

  • youth and culture, 
  • youth and environment, 
  • youth and local governance

Incoming events include:

  • Youth and civic engagement
  • Youth and employment
  • Youth and human rights.

This series of coffee talks are ongoing on a monthly basis on Saturday starting from 4:00 pm at Espace Carmen. By the end of the session, participants receive certificates of participation and the opportunity to join the NAPI community.

To moderate and participate in future Chill-Chat events, NAPI invites you to check its Facebook Page for updates.



Build Knowledge, networking

Important part of a broader capacity-building and engagement strategy.

When done jointly across cities and countries, they help establish connections, it fosters networking

Roundtables and Panel Discussions

Critical Thinking, Discussion, and networking

As in Hub and Spoke, done across countries and cities, roundtable discussions foster dialogue, cooperation, and networking.

They can take the form of facilitated roundtable discussions among activists, or panel discussions with experts, followed by discussions between them and activists



Selected individuals deserve and require closer training, mentorship, and support to become leaders in their field.