NAPI introduces the Chill-Chat series, an ongoing project launched in September 2022 that invites open discussions and coffee talks. Open to the public, with a particular focus on young individuals, the series creates a space where participants can freely share ideas and engage in debates on relevant topics.

These meticulously curated sessions are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity, fostering an environment where participants can challenge their perspectives and venture beyond conventional thinking. Participants receive certificates of participation and an exclusive invitation to join the esteemed NAPI community.

Facilitated by interested young moderators, Chill-Chat sessions adopt a participatory approach, placing young voices at the core of discussions. Participants are encouraged to think critically and contribute solutions to the themes under consideration. Building on the success of a collaborative with Espace Carmen in 2022, NAPI has also partnered with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Libya from 2023 to the end of 2024, aiming to organize a total of 15 Chill-Chat events. These events serve as platforms for insightful conversations, fostering connections and diverse perspectives. Join NAPI in this ongoing series and become part of a community that values the perspectives and contributions of the younger generation.


  • Change representations and break the stigma and stereotypes.
  • Evolve people in a democratic debate, by exchanging experiences and creating connections between different actors.
  • Promote tolerance, openness, and pluralism.
  • Enhance critical thought and freedom, promoting vigilance and lucidity.
  • Develop the principles of listening and mutual respect that a debate requires.
  • Promote citizenship and reduce dogmatism.

To this day, NAPI has convened +10 Chill-Chat sessions with youth focusing on: 

  • Youth and culture
  • Youth and artivism 
  • Youth and migration
  • Youth and education
  • Youth and environment
  • Youth and employment
  • Youth and Social Justice
  • Youth and climate action
  • Youth and Digital Activism
  • youth and local governance
  • Youth and civic engagement


Explore our monthly coffee talk series, held consistently every Saturday at the esteemed Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Libya office starting at 3:00 pm. We extend a warm invitation to individuals of all backgrounds and affiliations. In this congenial setting, participants are encouraged to engage in discourse in the language of their preference while relishing delectable snacks.

For those eager to share their expertise, we welcome applications to lead sessions on relevant topics of interest or personal experiences. Our commitment is to provide an inclusive platform where diverse voices converge, promoting substantive connections and thought-provoking discussions.

Contact person:

Follow NAPI and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Libya social media for coming Chill-Chat events announcements.