Through partnerships with local incubators, research centers, and co-working spaces, NAPI’s Hub and Spoke program provides targeted training to youth across Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco. The program provides region-wide expert and peer-to-peer training on research, writing, advocacy, critical thinking, and policy, among other topics. 

Each partner center serves as a “hub” for youth to not only receive NAPI training, but to meet, connect, research, and collaborate. NAPI connects each hub to others across the country and region, fostering national and regional support networks among youth and providing youth with access to safe, convivial community working spaces with key forms of logistical support. 

NAPI provides 6 training sessions a year in each country, which are broadcast live to the other hubs as well. 

Currently, NAPI’s portfolio of courses offered includes:

·       Critical thinking

·       Democratic governance in theory and practice

·       Conceptual framing of civil society

·       Project management

·       Monitoring and evaluation

·       What is public policy and how does the policy-making cycle works

·       Public policy writing

·       Research design and field research

·       Risk assessment and management

·       Strategic communication / political communication

·       How media can affect policy and influence society

·       How CSOs can affect policy and influence society

·       How social movements can affect policy and influence society

·       How social entrepreneurship can affect policy and influence society