22 September 2022

NAPI was pleased to participate with its interventions during the first edition of “Insaniyyat – International Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences” on Model Crises: Relations between States and Civil Society in the Maghreb-MENA and the Dialogue around Public Policies.

NAPI members were thrilled to open space to the public for debate and discussion in English and French on the following:

Youth Civic and Political Engagement in the MENA Region: Challenges and Opportunities with Jean Louis Romanet Perroux , Director of NAPI;

Promoting change at the expense of self: reading the psychological implications of civic engagement among young people in Tunisia with ​Nora Gharyéni, NAPI Member;

 The Unintended Consequences of International Aid to Tunisian Youth with Pietro Marzo, Téluq University/NAPI Member;

Governing young people in Tunisia: reading the variability of levels of civic engagement observed in the interior regions with ​Marouen Taleb, IRMC/NAPI Member.

The event took place ​ in Room D18 in the ESCT Business School, the University of Manouba from 2 pm to 4 pm.