27 July 2022

The North African Policy Initiative is pleased to invite you to a youth webinar ” Youth Participation in Governance “on July, 27th.

This webinar is part of a series organized with the United States Agency of International Development Eastern and Southern Caribbean Mission (USAID/ESC), and the International Youth Foundation. It focuses on youth participation in governance. It will gather youth from diverse geographical locations to discuss why and how youth should participate in policy discussions and influence policymaking.

Learning objectives:

– Provide youth with a conceptual framing on participatory governance and public policy.

– Understand why active youth participation in local governance can influence the shaping of society and policy implementation.

– Strengthen cooperation among youth across different regions of the world and help them imagine new ways to be active contributors to the wellbeing of their communities.


The webinar will include a joint and group discussion, followed by thought-provoking activities and insightful practice on active youth participation in governance.