Youth Voices

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Prospective contributors can submit abstracts without the obligation of a complete publication draft.

About the project

Youth Voices is a project designed to support youths who seek to write and publish on anything policy-relevant in the Mediterranean and North Africa. It is a rolling opportunity for youth to submit their idea about something they would like to write, and receive tailored support until it is written and published in the form of a blogpost, op-ed, article, report, or academic article as desired.

Our objectives are to help youth share their analyses and thoughts in writing, and to help the broader audience gain access to these perspectives. By empowering youth through writing and publishing, we aim at fostering a community that values and nurtures youth voices.


      • Build the capacity of youth to write and publish
      • Share youth perspectives
      • Foster Youth Participation in public life

Eligibility to apply

    • Age between 15 and 35.
    • Be a resident of North Africa or a citizen of one of a North African country.
    • Writing will be published under your name. Publication under a pseudonym will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Submission is accepted exclusively in the following languages: Arabic, English, and French.
    • The writing should address a policy issue relevant to region 
    • The writing must be original work created by the author(s).
    • The writing must be evidence-driven.
    • The writing must include the links to any sources quoted.

    What the program offers

    Mentorship and guidance on research and writing in English, French, or Arabic
    Expand your network of contacts
    Support to publish your writing
    Option to publish anonymously on a relevant policy issue

    Please be advised

    Please be advised that accepting and sharing your work does not imply that NAPI endorses your opinion or argument. Our support is centered on assisting you in the writing and publishing process, with a focus on the craft of writing itself. It is important to note that the publication and acceptance of work do not reflect NAPI’s perspective on the content.